Dear Rose

It’s me rose
At this right moment I wish
to write to you
I really want to write to you…
My desire is growing emotional
I am afraid
I may have hurt your feelings
Denied you my heart
Broken your soul
Turned you into piecesHowever

It was never my intention
Your soul of delicate feathers
Your untouched heart
That skin that made wonders
How many oceans passed by it
Sweet and melodramatic hands
They always had a story to tell

I would stay there listening
To them
Listening to their honey voice
Praising our almighty
Praising the greatest
Praising Him

I feel pained, I am sorry
I am really sorry
We parted ways
We lose track of time
We bounced on the tracks of time
The clock is still ticking
We have time
Do you have time for Me?
Your old friend?

Even though we are reaching the
Final days
The final road
The final and last eclipse
I wish to write you
I wish to praise
So when I am gone
Gone from this earth

The Last readings of me
Will be left with you!
My history will be sung
by you…
Our story, our times, our choices
our dreams, our mistakes, the course of our lives.

Can I write to you friend of mine?
The girl who got away 


Safe Space

I need a safe space
I am running
I am fighting in vain,
what I need is a safe space!The world around me
Is a true spiral of hatred
Broken Friendships
Stolen promises
Case dismissed
Full decapitation of society!A Deliberate attempt

To shut us down
I need a safe space
where my heart can speak
its mind
where my lungs can
Breathe and ignite the true
Where my hands can tell you
How beautiful the world was
before them…They are after us
They are hunting us down
They don’t believe in freedom
The only freedom they hold up to
belongs to them!I need a safe space
I am losing this Battle
I am losing air
I can’t breathe
Careful they will see you!
Go on
Go Don’t give up
Don’t give up your freedom
Don’t give up your consciousness
Don’t give up your knowledge
I am losing this battle
But you must continue
We may lose this one
However the War is ours to Win

Don’t give up !
If you do
What will happen to us?
The dreams
The history unfolding before our eyes
The past left behind us!
Our ancestors fought for our freedom and
now we are losing it … day by day
Society by society
Region by region!

 The girl who got away 

Destruction of a Democracy?

They don’t care about us
the people, the ones who put them on pedestals
The people are suffering
The People are dying
But we are still Fighting!

If you do… Shall I give up too!!
Shall we all give up too?
Why would you?
Why would we?
It’s a battle for Freedom!
A battle for the flow of ideas!
A Battle to find the True!
We are fighting because no one
Will fight for us. The People!
Politicians are corrupting our society!
Politicians are letting people die
Politicians are not in this for us
Greed speaks louder than Moral Responsibility!
Politicians are going too far
The pain is harder than the hate
The people are at their mercy!
Lord have mercy upon their souls,
Our faith shall prevail!
Even Hope our most prized resource
is dying on us too… is fading!

What shall we do?
What shall the people do?
We are all unique
We all want something different!
But together we can fight them
We can fight the greedy
From education to demonstration
We shall open everyone’s eyes
The truth must reveal itself
Our voices will be heard
Even in the silence of the nights

When they hear it
The will tremble
They will fear
The unity
The Roar of the People
Our silent Revolution!

The people have spoken
Not once
Not twice
Many times but not in Unity
Today we shall rise
We shall show them that
We are here
We are in for the fight!
Fight for our ideal and values
fighting for a true and transparent democracy!

Viva la Democracia
Long life to democracy
Come our way
Protestation! Demonstration!
Strike them hard in the heart
with spikes of Truth
with wide open arms targeting the Sky
holding a flag masked with spills of blood
Show hem you are hurt!
Show them you wish for peace
Show them you wish for the end of wars
Show them you want to live!

Even if the result is the loss of Love
we shall keep fighting
If not us? Who else?
Were we born to stay content?
Were we born to suffer until our last
Were we born to live in frustration
And die an abomination!

This Democracy shall die
This Democracy should fall
We should castrate this Democracy!
We need a new one!
We need a democracy for the People
We need a united Democracy
We need a Democracy For the People
Not for the Country!

Pray for us
Pray for them.
Forgive them Lord
For their mistakes
Forgive them for letting us
Die in silence… Die in agony
Forgive us for letting them take away our lives

Are we deserving of such miracle?
Are we deserved of forgiveness?
I am not sure
however we shall forgive them…
So we may die in peace
With no Burden on our hearts
No weight on our consciousness!
But remembered as Freedom b
Fighters of knowledge
Fighters of ideas
Fighters of Peace…
Restoring Hope without spilling blood

Without becoming them!
The girl who got away 

The Fool Play of Living

I wanna live to the fullest
Because when I die
I will die forever
There is  not enough time
To do everything
There is not enough seconds
To believe init either !

I will do today
Because tomorrow
May never come
I will do today
Because I may not
Wake up tomorrow’s
This ain’t a goodbye
It’s just a fool thought of mind!

I will cherish the time I have now
With my family
My friends and even people
I may not even know yet !
Because tomorrow is an
Invisible future I hope to
Let pass by, so
I can enjoy more futures tomorrow’s
That may come!

You should live to the fullest
Because tomorrow may
Never come.
Do you feel the uncertainty
Filling you in?
Why are you not living?
What’s stopping you?
What happened to you
That you stopped fool play living?

Is it society!
Your family!
Your friends!
Your own decisions!
The situation of the world!

Forget it you can’t fix everything!
Even if pigs start flying!
Be you, Be the amazing person you are!
I know you are and I don’t even know u yet….

Live life to the Fullest!
Appreciate today
Imagine Tomorrow
The new adventures!
The fool play of Living !
The girl who got away 

Suicide by Others

I wanna tell you a story
A story of a little girl
A little girl with dark complexion
A little girl with nappy hair
Dark eyes and not so perfect nose!

She was 6 when the called her:Black
She was 9 when they called her : Ugly
She was 12 when they said: You should go back to where you come from!
She was 15 when they told her: Your hair ain’t pretty
She was 18 when they said: You don’t have a body of a women!

All that time she keep defending
Herself or She would stay silent and cry!
All along she spend her moments
As a library recluse! Like a Prisoner
Because the world was too cruel
And despised her presence!

By the age of 13 Said:
I cannot handle it anymore!
The first time the word : Suicide came around!
By the age of 17 she finally did it!
She is dead now. ..
She is dead inside me!!!

I built a wall, a great Wall of strength
I blocked inferior feelings
I have none now!
I say things as honest and direct as possible
I don’t wish to lie!
I don’t wish to omit!

This morning a little
Angel entered Heaven
A little boy of light complexion
A little boy with so much life
I know this because every picture
Of him showed this bright and small boy
That should still be here!
He was too young…

But is no longer
He is no longer
The bullies got to him
They made him do it
By the words they said and kept saying…

It angers me! It pains Me!

I believe Dante was right!
We are in 7 level of Hell!
Little children are killing themselves
Teenagers are taking their life
Adults are not coping right
and ending their life!

Suicide by other is Real
You just need one to emotionally
Harm you deep inside
One will be enough to destroy your
One will be the enough  to burn you
Inside so deep that your tears
Will stop running. They will dry up
One will be enough to make you
Do it!

The girl who got away 

What have you seen

What have you seen,
that left you contemplating me?
What have you seen?
Beauty? Purity
of a poor Soul
A fragile girl
Against the odds
Against the World!The girl, who fell for you
The girl, That by your hands
attempted a killing
The girl with no lasting piece of soul!

She is not her own anymore!
You killed the innocence
in me!
The purity of me!
What have you seen in Me?I was just a girl
A girl with dreams
a girl thriving to be more
than what others wanted her to be!What have you seen?
That you needed to
rip my heart a part
Chase me into the corner of that alley
and Crash me into that Wall! And make me scream BLOOD!Till Today I revisit
That wall, on that same date
To remind myself
That I was stronger than you
My strength Saved me
From you
My faith did not
Fail me
I made it out Alive!No bruises
No cuts
No evidence
Only memory…I survived You!

The girl who got away 

The day I died

It was summer
Daylight summer
the passion was at its highest!
He pulled me down
Stroke me a kiss
Ooh! sounded deadly
He kissed like never before
in my mind I THOUGH HE LOVED ME!
Until I saw it
The darkness on his eyes
that never met minesIt was strange, by now the story
was different
as he pushed me to the sides
He punched so hard
I though my jaw was going to break… in a split of second!
with both hands he reached for my neck
I was fighting back…I Though I was
He pressed my neck
the rage was abrupt… The end was near.I was suffocating
I couldn’t breath
I was dying slowly
My voice was gone
The Cold was filling me in
I knew it
I knew by now that my
death was coming
Coming by the hands of the one
I gave my life, heart and soul!I could feel my heart
bumping its last length of blood
It was to late
I could feel it
I couldn’t fight it anymore
I couldn’t prevented no longerSo I closed my eyes
I cleared my mind
I felt Peace
I designed a world of Roses
beautiful roses
The breeze was peaceful and calm
I tasted the land of the lost
I was going with the flow
If this is the day I die
I wanna go in Peace
with the memories of the ones who truly
loved me
and the though of forgiveness!
I forgave you on the day I died!

The girl who got away 

The day She Stopped Talking

Let’s be real

 Realist as possible

Cause nothing last forever
We only tend to assume
It does!

In a morning ray of sunshine
Under the last sparkle of sun
Deep she looked into my eyes
That beautiful dark sparkle
smiled, spoke to my inner me:Forever, ma dear
is nothing but a sparkle
in your life.
A vague word to magnify presence
A fake promise
of an uncertain future actions
A whisper in the night
A light that you may never actually see
A search to perfect the present
to an unknown Future
As if it was possible…We are simple humans
servants of a God
We seek to see
When we are gone and given back
to the land
We don’t live forever
We thrive to stick together
The pages of life
Will discord from usWith you I will
stand until
You wish me too
With you I will
pray until
You want me too
With you I will
Cause I care for you
However, The day I
Stop talking
you will know that
I was unable to

Stick by you
Stick by our promises
Stick by our friendship
and promises
Stick by our prayers
Stick with you Forever!

The day she stopped talking
I stopped too.

The girl who got away